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Biographical Information
TribeIce Tribe
GroupOrder of Tollubo
ColorsBlack and white
OccupationMember of The Order of Tollubo
ToolsTwin forks
LocationOn route to Tethys
StatusAlive (Wounded)

Natrix was an Agori in the Ice Tribe. She joined the Order of Tollubo with Kirbold as they were close friends.


Natrix's entire history remains unknown. It is known that she had a close relationship with Kirbold and joined the Order of Tollubo with him.

Ivasion of RoxtusEdit

Natrix attended the meeting prior to the attack. She did not say a word in it but it is known she arrived late with Kirbold.
In Roxtus, Natrix was wounded by an explosive Thornax and was thought to be killed. However, she survived and was smuggled into an Order base in Gatherer's Ridge, where she was then nursed back to health by Eselox and Crotesius. The trio then set off to locate the Iconox resistance team, however, they managed to attacked a Caravan, which carried the Thornatus V9 from when the Rock Tribe took it when Perditius was killed.


Natrix was then taken to Atero for healing but then Rotam declared war on the rest of Bara Magna and she was froced to fight. When word of this reached Atero she was forced to help construct the Skopio Vehicles, that the Agori were building from the remains of Telluris' Skopio XV-1. Kirbold soon returned from Iconox as one of the only survivers. When they met Betak told him of the war and Kirbold left them claiming he did not want to fight, leaving Natrix to fight alone.
During the battle, she managed to be reunited with Kirbold and was saved by him when a Skrall disarmed her on account of her post-war injuries. She then witnessed Esora kill Stronius and Icius kill Rockius. She then survived to the end of the war and was one of the Agori summoned to the Underworld of Bara Magna.


She landed in a large cavern, with the others, and was ambushed by several Matoran. They were then dragged off to the underground city of Tethys.


  • Natrix was created by User:Matoro1 and was based off a friend of User:Jollun's.
  • It has been hinted that Kirbold had a strong relationship with her.
  • Despite Natrix's black armor, she is a member of the Ice Tribe.


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