Nui Blaster
Nui Blaster
Tool/Weapon Information
StatusIn use

The Nui Blaster' is a powerful weapon created by the Great Beings to protect the Kanohi Ignika. It was placed in the 777 stairs in the Mount Valmai, but one of the Great Beings, after touching the Ignika became insane, and stole the Nui Blaster. Before being imprisioned by his fellow Great Beings, the launcher was lost in an alternate dimension Bara Magna. It fell on an island in the middle of a lake of lava, and it remained there for thousands of years. However, the Skakdi Serhaktem arrived to Bara Magna, and with the help of Gladium, he retrieved the weapon.

The weapon itself is very powerful; it's blast is composed of fire, water and air.

User(s) Edit

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