The Piraka Matching Game was a game were the player matches the names with the dark-shaded Piraka. If the player wins all three rounds he/she will win a game/piece of VNOG.

Level Game/PieceEdit
  1. Black Rocks Reigon
  2. Piraka Memory Challenge
  3. Special level 3 VNOG-like Piraka Shooting


  • Round-1--- Black Rocks Reigons
  • Round-2--- Memory Challenge
  • Round-3-4-5--- Piraka Shooting
  • Addy Gammie--- Adds a bonus game: Jerk Molding #6, Chapter 3: The Caves of Voya Nui #7, and Dig Dig Dug Reidak #8
  • Who is it???--- Tells you the Piraka's name so you don't have to figure it out.

Deleted CheatsEdit

Namer--- Tells you the nickname(Ex: Trigger, Tracer, Snake, Beast, Horde, ect.)

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