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Rahkshi 2

Kurahk the Rahkshi of Fear

Rahkshi were created by Makuta and served as their servants.

Information Edit

A Rahkshi's suit of armor was created by placing a Kraata in Protodermis. Which would mutate the Kraata and kill it. A second Kraata of the same power could be placed in the armor.

Powers Edit

There are 42 kinds of kraata and rahkshi powers. They are Accuracy, Adaptation, Anger, Chain Lightning, Chameleon, Confusion, Cyclone, Darkness, Density, Disintegration, Dodge, Elasticity, Electricity, Fear, Fire, Resistance, Gravity, Heat Vision, Weakener, Ice Resistance, Illusion, Insect Control, Limited Invulnerability, Magnetism, Mind Reading, Molecular Disruption (inorganic), Plant Control, Plasma, Poison, Power, Quick Healing, Rahi Control, Shapeshifting, Shapeshifting, Shattering, Silence, Sleep, Slowness, Sonics, Stasis, Teleportation, Vacuum, and Weather Control.

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