"Kill? Ha! We Skakdi invented the word. Here, allow me to demonstrate!!" ________Rakatas to Vernox in, "The Battle for Bara Magna"

Rakatas was a Skakdi, who was formerly under Nektann's command. He went rouge and became a Piraka.

History Edit

Early years.Edit

He was mutated and changed, like all other Skakdi, by Makuta Spirah, and given Elemental Powers. He also proved exdrodinarily desructive in the huge civil war that the Skakdi were constantly fighting in. During this time, he served Nektann well, and met and allied often with Jiraktun.

The Battle for Bara MagnaEdit

He travled south from Zakaz, and led his own troop with Nektann's permision. He grew very impatient as they waited to be released opun Bara Magna, but quickly cheered up as they attacked the Glatorian and Agori on the ground. He managed to trap three Agori, who he refered to as Matoran, and was about to kill them when Vernox attacked him. He then turned his attention to Vernox, intending to kill him.

Powers and ToolsEdit

Rakatas, like all other Skakdi, could use Elemental Powers if he united with another Skakdi. His Element was water. He also utilized a large scythe, much like his idol Nektann's, plus other weapons he occasionally used.


Rakatas was nasty, even for a Skakdi! He lived for battle. He fought hard and never gave in to enemys. In his time, he has destroyed entire villages without a second thought. He was merciless at all times, and could easily be made impatient. Overall, he was not a Skakdi to be messed with!


  • Rakatas' name was derived from "Piraka" (Raka ) and "Stars" (tas), a hint at the fact that his M.O.C. was made by adding on to the Bionicle Stars Piraka set.
  • He was his creators first Skakdi or Piraka.

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