Rock Monsters were a species of Rock Creatures, commonly found underground, on Bara Magna, following the Shattering. They were created by accident when the Great Beings attempted to create the Krana and were banished to the underworld of Bara Magna. The Great Beings later created millions of special plants that created crystals and hid them under Bara Magna too. The Rock Creatures begun to worship the crystals when they learnt of their natural qualities to cure any illness or injury. All Rock Monsters begun to carry them around, until, they evolved to a point where they could not survive without the crystals and needed them to keep them alive.
So they begun to tunnel underground, in search of more crystals, until they ended up beneath Roxtus. Their activity caused a tremor in the ground, which Rotam sent a group of his Kraata infected Skrall to investigate. The Rock Monsters were caught, but managed to use their crystals to cure the Skrall of Rotam's Kraata disease. Enraged, Rotam had as many of them as he could locked away in cages. He later claimed that the tremors were getting worse and the Vorox were finding bigger footprints, belonging to larger ones.
A year later, Tollubo and his friends stumbled into one, while trying to escape Tuma's Tower, they befriended a member of the lower class. When they were captured, that Rock Monster escaped and contacted their leader. They then created a rebellion force, which broke into the prison under Tuma's Tower and freed Mesa and the others, as well as freeing hundreds of other Rock Monsters.

Known TypesEdit

Rock Monsters

the three types of Monster Classed Rock Creature.

Monster ClassEdit

The Monster class is the smallest, most common class of Rock Monster. They come in three different colors, red, blue and green. Of all the kinds, these are the most reliable on their crystal supply. They can die within a month if they do not have the power of the crystals to support them.

Middle ClassEdit

The middle class is the warrior class. They have the strength of two Agori and the size of one. They are not incrediably bright however. This serves as a large weakness.


One of the two middle classed Rock Monsters

Leader ClassEdit

The Leader Classed Rock Monsters are extremly rare. Like the Skrall, there is only one left. The leader classed Rock Creatures can speak a broken version of the Agori language and have a superior strenght as well as height. They are smarter than most Glatorian though and will usually have the entire species of Rock Monster ready to kill themselves for their leader. RockKing



  • The Rock Monsters appear in the Deserts of Death Universe and are currently in alliance with the Order of Tollubo.
  • The Rock Monsters are naturally immune to the Kraata Virus, making them one of Rotam's biggest enemies.
  • Thornax fruit are acidic to Rock Monsters.

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