Roxtus was the village of the Rock Tribe. It is in the Black Spike Mountains and is at the base of Skull Mountain. Like the other villages of Bara Magna, it has an Arena to host Glatorian battles. They keep Agori captives there, bought to the bone hunters, though they kept denying it until they declared war on the Glatorian during the assault on Atero.

Alternate UniversesEdit

Deserts of Death UniverseEdit

In the Deserts of Death Universe, Makuta Rotam crash landed near Roxtus. He infected a squad of Skrall with Kraata and let the disease spread until the village surrendered to him for a cure. It served as his centre of operation for his reign.
Shortly into his reign, a massive earth quake rocked Bara Magna. Agori scientists stated that the source was underground mining beneath Roxtus, which was not of Skrall doing. Tuma sent five of their worst warriors down to investigate as they were disposable. They discovered that the source of the tremor was the natural mining activity of the Rock Monsters. Three members of the team were killed on this mission before the last two were dumped with Rotam to question.
Little over a month ago, the Order of Tollubo attacked the city with Tuma's help. While this battle was raging on, several Agori snuck in and infiltrated Tuma's Tower, where they faced Rotam. Luckily, Tollubo, Mesa and Duco appeared to battle the Makuta. Rotam then tried to drop a vat of Shadow Leeches on them but a trap door opened and they escaped. However, Rotam recaptured them, had the majority locked away with their masses of Rock Monster prisoners, Betak as locked out of his chamber and Tollubo was struck by a Shadow Leech inside. The Agori managed to regroup, with the help of other Rock Monsters, and witnessed Tollubo being cured of the Shadow Leech and challenge Rotam. The matoran lost and was banished from the city.
A month later, only a week after Rotam had attacked Iconox and Tajun, an order agent named Atonsa snuck in and secretly made some adjustment to the Thornatus V9, which the Skrall had won in the Battle outside Roxtus. She was able to remotely control it and used it to cause a distraction, as well as kill a few Skrall and destroy several buildings, while she, and her fellow undercover Order Agent, Catar, snuck into a holding cell for all the Agori and Glatorian who had been taken by Bone Hunters over the years. They soon realized that most were being infected with the Kraata Virus. They rescued Kiina and escaped before the Skrall could catch them.

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