Sand Dragons are a type of Rock Steed.

Sand Dragon
Sand Dragon Information
Species AffliationRock Steed
AlliesBone Hunters
EnemiesJungle, Fire, Water, Sand, and Ice, and Rock Tribe
HomelandBara Magna, Wastelands
GoalServe as mounts for Bone Hunters

Biology Edit

Sand Dragons are very powerful creatures.They usually stay in the wastelands, but some are known to attack villages (even Roxtus).They prefer taking other creatures territory, but usually roam off to some other territory.

Diet Edit

Sand Dragons are carnivorous and eat just about anything they find.Although, they don't eat Spikit or Thornax (They don't like it).

Trivia Edit

  • The Bone Hunters are the only known group to tame these beasts.
  • One particular Sand Dragon serves as a mount for Zenax.
File:Sand dragon 001.jpg

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