"So Zercks activated the power of his Kanohi once more, and used its power on the lightstones. He tracked down its energy source, and saw an enormous caver filled with intense light. He altered the lightsones, and augmented its power to draw energy from the source, but Zercks didn’t augment the energy storage capacity. As a result, the lightsones overloaded. If Zercks had been able to see through the metal barrier protecting him, he would have seen them exploding, sending sparks of lights and energy everywhere, and Zyglak running around screaming."
―Narrator, Crystallus' Adventures
Mask of Technology Adaptation
Power(s)Manipulating Technology
Notable Wearer(s)Alum, Kentis

The Kanohi Sikat was the Mask of Technology Adaptation. It allowed the user to manipulate objects with technological purpose for offensive or defensive purposes.



The Kanohi Sikat bears several similarities to the Mask of Biomechanics.

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