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The Skakdi were a species inhabiting the island of Zakaz in the Matoran Universe. The entire Species were later mutated in an experiment by Makuta Spiriah. The Skakdi are currently at war with each other.

Known SkakdiEdit

  • Zaktan - body made of Protodites, Mutated, Deceased
  • Hakann - Mutated
  • Vezok - Mutated
  • Thok- Mutated
  • Reidak- Mutated
  • Avak- Mutated
  • Nektann - A Skakdi Warlord
  • Vezon - Fused to an Olmak
  • A group of Skakdi who were killed by Axonn and Brutaka when they were on Zakaz
  • A Skakdi who was banished to the Pit and was killed when Pridak wounded him and left him for the Takea Sharks.
  • Other Skakdi Warlords mentioned by Axonn
  • A group of Skakdi who attacked Brutaka's strike team
  • Ralah - Deceassed
  • Serhaktem
  • Render
IMG 2810

Ralah, a Skakdi


  • Female Skakdi exist and are claimed to be more brutal than the males.
  • All Skakdi have some sort of eyebeam power and additional powers due to Spiriah's experiments.

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