Spherus Magna was a planet inhabited by the Great Beings, Agori, Skrall, Vorox, Zesk, Glatorian and Bone Hunters.

History Edit

Not much is known about the early history of Spherus Magna. At some point, the Great Beings created the Element Lords to lead the Agori Tribes.

The Core War Edit

At some point, a substance known as Energized Protodermis came up to the surface of the planet from the core. Some Agori villagers discovered it, and when the power of the substance was understood, a great war broke out, later known as the Core War. The war was lead by the Element Lords, who controlled their respective tribe. The Great Beings saw the possibility that the planet was going to Shatter, they started to build a gigant robot called "Mata Nui", meaning "Great Spirit" in the language of the inhabitants of the universe inside the robot. After failing in trying to stop the war in a peaceful way, the Great Beings created shapeshifting robots known as the "Baterra". The mission of the Baterra was to kill every armed combatant. However, this didn't stop the war, and the planet eventually shattered into three pieces, Bara Magna, Aqua Magna, and an unnamed planet.