"So, what's the plan?"____Sukata to Skrallix in, "A Skrall of the Sands"

"My name is Sukata, and if you don't have a plan I'll make one."___Sukata to Skrallix again in A Skrall of the Sands.

"What?? Run?? Why, we're wining!!________Sukata to Skrallix in, A Skrall of the Sands.

Sukata was a former Rock Agori and member of the Sand Raiders. He was a friend of Skrallix and Vernox.
Sukata the Sand Raider

Sukata the Agori


Early YearsEdit

Early on Sukata was an ordinary Rock Agori, exactly like all other Rock Agori. He was in the same legion as Skrallix, and a few times they crossed paths and met each other. He was the Agori who accidently released Vernox from his cage, and assisted Skrallix in stealing rations. He was, as described by Skrallix, "a talkative Agori."

Skrallix RebelionEdit

Sukata was present in the arena, on the day that Skrallix rebeled. He was acting as his blocker against Tuma. After Tuma's defeat, and his refusal to acknowladge that Skrallix had beaten him, Skrallix rebeled, named himself and ran for his live into the Bara Magna desert, along with Vernox and Sukata.

The Sand RaidersEdit

Durring his many years in the desert with the Sand Raiders, Sukata learned much. He became an incredible swordsman, able to best even a Skrall Warrior or Elite in a duel!! He sometimes trained new recruits and was usually off on a mission with Skrallix.
Sukata in Agori form

Sukata in Agori form

Powers and ToolsEdit

Although he is an expert with almost any sword, he is not as good with fireing weapons. He mainly uses his twin swords although he can use almost any handheld weapon.


He can be talkative when around friends, but is generally cold when with other Agori or complete strangers. Or enemies. He loves leading troops into battle and can be quite the tactical general for the Sand Raiders. He hopes to someday become a Glatorian hero with Elemental Powers. But so far he has done well without them...


A Skrall of the Sands

The Battle for Bara Magna


His name is "Atakus" spelled backward.

One of his sword is light green while the other is red.

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