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Makuta Terihax
SpeciesToa now Makuta
GroupToa/Makuta Tela
ColorsBlack, Gray, Silver
OccupationToa Killer
LocationVela Nui

Terihax is a character from the story Destructive Thoughts.


Toa LifeEdit

Toa Terihax was a normal Toa of Earth. He was elected leader of his Team called the Toa Tela. His Team beat Rahkshi, Bohrok and Makuta everyday. The more they killed the more they came to like the Evil in it. There seventh member , was a Toa of Light. Toa Terihax Killed him after he became a Makuta of Shadow. He then realized he killed what he was about to become. He stormed over to the others and told them what happened. He said that he was joining the Brotherhood, he asked who would join his team, The Makuta Tela. They all agreed. They swore to exterminate all Toa everywhere.


Makuta Terihax had killed over 5 Toa teams. He Found Toa Neton a Toa of Air and his team. Terihax sent 20 Bohrok-Kal to them. The 20 were destroyed but 5 out of 6 Toa were killed. Neton was left alive. He summoned a gust of wind and met Toa Nikilia. He the found Toa Tanua and sent 5 Rahkshi against his team of 4, the other 3 were killed. Tanua then met up with Toa Nikilia and Neton. They formed the Toa Dela.

Fake ToaEdit

Makuta Terihax the tied up a Toa called Toa Bogario and used his identity in the arena. He revealed himself and then the other 5 Makuta in his group. The Toa Dela charged. Toa Nikilia made a smart comment.

First WarEdit

Terihax found out that one of his Brothers had swapped sides. He killed him but his body was destroyed by the Toa of light.

Shadow RealmEdit

Terihax's Spirit travelled to the Shadow Realm and was making a new Body there. He teleported Toa Nikilia there.


Strength: 18
Agility: 15
Toughness: 15
Mind: 21

The Force of Tela (v

Leader: Harina

Members: Makuta Nexiax • Makuta Dayiax • Makuta Kuakiax • Kitina • Dark Artis

Former Members: Makuta Reniax (Deceased)  • Makuta Teridax • Makuta Terihax (Deceased)• Makuta Jeriax (Deceased)• Makuta Herilax (Deceased)

Servants: Zorahk

Toa/Makuta Tela (v|e)

Leader: Terihax  (Deceased) Harina

Members: Nexiax  • Dayiax  • Kuakiax

Former Members: Jeriax   (Deceased) • Herilax   (Deceased) • Reniax (Deceased)

Servants: Zorahk