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The Darkness in Life
The Darkness in Life2
Setting Unknown island
Date 985 AGC - 1,000 AGC
Previous N/A
Concurrent N/A
Next El Caballero Oscuro

The Darkness in Life is the story about Nalek and the troubles he has after becoming an Order of Mata Nui member.

Prologue: The Mask of LifeEdit

Nalek awoke. Where was he? All he remembered was putting on a golden mask.

"He has awoken," boomed a huge blue and gold figure.

"Where am I?" Nalek questioned.

"You are safe," spoke yet another huge figure.

"Give him some breathing space," ordered yet another figure. The two huge beings moved aside to reveal, what looked like, a Toa.

The Toa carried a spiked mace, and a shield. She looked like a Toa of Water. But Nalek had learned not to judge by appearance.

"As awkward as it may sound, we need your mask," said the blue Toa, "urgently."

Nalek didn't respond right away. He thought it sounded very strange. "You can have my mask, but only after allot of explaining."

After a long silence, the blue Toa spoke; "Very well, I am Helryx. This is Botar," she gestured to the golden giant, "and Ancient," she gestured to the other giant. "We are from the Order of Mata Nui."

5 years later

Nalek walked along the shore with his Matoran companion. The island looked peaceful; he knew it wouldn't be for long. A group of Klakk flew above, making shapes in the sky. That was the signal.

Nalek ran as fast as he could towards the city.

Chapter One: A Green MakutaEdit


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