Toa/Dark Hunter War (Fractures Alternate Universe)
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Vital statistics
  • Residents of Metru-Nui
  • Dark Hunters
Date Approximately 3,000 years ago
  • Mass fatalities
  • Alliance formed
Cause Turaga Dume refused to give the Dark Hunters a base on the island

The Toa/Dark Hunter War was a major conflict that occured apprximately 3,000 years ago on Metru-Nui.



Although the war did not start until later, The Shadowed One's interest in Metru-Nui led to conflict. As he became interested in establishing a Dark Hunter base on the island he began to send agents into the city. However, Turaga Dume refused them and had them sent back to Odina.
Angered, The Shadowed One decided to have the Turaga assassinated and dispatched Thok to Metru-Nui. However, the Skakdi was captured and imprisoned in Metru-Nui.
However - unlike in the main universe - after Vezok, Reidak, and Avak unleashed the Kanohi Dragon, the Toa Mangai dispatched Toa Naho to bring back reinforcements to combat the Kanohi Dragon, which meant that the Dark Hunters were met by an army of Toa instead of drawing the Toa back to the Colisieum.



While the conflict took place, Toa Tuyet sacreficed her Toa Power to transform Kapura, Velika, and several other Matoran into Toa. Subsequently, the Turaga of Water replaced Turaga Dume as the island's leader after he had driven the Matoran into a war.
Fearing a Matoran revolt, Tuyet decided to pull Metru-Nui out of the war before she lost the support of the Matoran. After signing an armistice with The Shadowed One, the Matoran and Dark Hunters settled a pain-staking peace treaty then formed an uneasy alliance.


Due to the peace treaty and alliance, Tuyet surrendered on behalf of Metru-Nui. This meant that the Dark Hunters established their base in Ta-Metru and were given ownership of territory across Metru-Nui.
However, as the two armies formed an alliance then prepared to battle the Brotherhood of Makuta, the Dark Hunters did not aim to cripple their new allies so did not press further santions.

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