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"I remember you, you and you. I wouldn't want to remember you, Your to ugly."
―Toa Artis to the enemies of his past.

Toa Artis is the Toa Vela of Time.


Toa Artis was a teacher. He taught Toa Nikilia when he was a Matoran. He was no ordinary Toa. The Order of Vela Nui Decided to make him and his group an elite Toa Team. Together they were made for greatness. He was the most powerful of the Toa Vela. They were called the Toa Vela because they were the most powerful group of Toa. Mata Nui blessed them with extra powers. They faded later but Mata Nui never forgot the most powerful heroes on Vela Nui. Artis was the only Toa along with Jovana who's power did not fade. Their Destiny was elsewhere. Jovana's was to save the Av-Matoran and Tell the Toa Dela about the future and past. Artis was to live and make/join another group and save Vela Nui.


Toa Artis was not killed by Toa Reniax. When the beam of light was flying towards him, he stopped time and escaped. It is said that he will join another Toa Team. Toa Artis Later joined the Order of Vela Nui and then the Grand Army of Vela Nui.

Order of Vela Nui (v

Leader: Axora

Members: Branua  • Mistia  • Agina • Atidia • Ehlia • Toa Artis • Toa Nikilia • Cravis • Zemara

Former Members:• Jeriax (Deceased)

Servants: Misteria

Grand Army of Vela Nui (v

Leader: Axora

Members: Toa Artis • Ehlia • Cravis • Branua • Zemara • Toa Parua • Toa Keria

Former Members: Toa Jovana (Deceased)

Servants: Misteria

Toa Vela (Formerly) (v|e)
Toa Jovana   (Deceased) • Toa Hanua   (Deceased) • Toa Ignia   (Deceased) • Toa Artis  • Toa Kria   (Deceased) • Toa Niatie(Deceased)