Toa Mezra


Great Blast, Great Blast 2


Tapuru, Tamuru(Duty, Deceased)


Macku, Kopeke, Hafu, Taipu


Fuchsticho, Mask of Nebula Gehok, Mask of Generation Hundohk, Mask of Skill Untohk, Mask of Brave Fertas, Mask of Gods Astu, Mask of Lava


Macku accidentally pressed a button , transforming Kapuru, Hafu, Taipu, Macku, And Tamuru into Toa Mezra. Kopeke lost a match, became rogue, and to Transformed. They tested their skills by defeating certain enemys. They did perfect and won a medal. When the Parraki came, the Toa were forced to surrender.

Nova Mania Blast/Great BlastEdit

The Parraki were about to cut Kapuru's head of when all 5 other Toa combined into one, and it gained an unspeakably powerful, Nova Blast. This Exo-Toa was later called "Great Blast".

Truth of the InuuriEdit

Wirx, the Matoran previously met, revealed the real deal. "They were trapped inside the zone of darkness. Makuta was defeated by Mata Nui on Bara Magna, but this is another problem.......... Mata Nui's sons were gods, 2 naughty, 1 a daughter, and also naughty. But his fourth one, Mezra Nui, was loyal. So, just like his father, an island was named after him. But, his rogue sons casted a spell, turning his normal-sized robot body, and his island, into The Zone Of Darkness...... They did not just do that. They created a titan-Morbuzahk and Inuuri, and prisoned them into the zone of darkness, along with you. I need you to go to a key location and try to open a gate....." Wirx slowed. He forgot that the Rahk were also creatures inhabiting the zone.

Inuuri BattleEdit

Gate BattleEdit

Rahk WarEdit


Civil War of the RahkEdit

Power LoopEdit

Great DrainEdit


Death of TamuruEdit

Rahk LairEdit


Unity, Duty, Destiny, Opportunity!Edit

A new vertue was added, Opportunity, and a fifth one to come!

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