Toa ZAKAZ ContestEdit

Hi, everyone! I, Stinger Bumblebee will make a contest. Now you need to build a Toa Zakaz figure from any sets.


The rules are simple. They are:

  • He must be a Toa of Light.
  • His kanohi must be an Avohkii. Not Ignika or etc.
  • I best suggest you make him like a Inika and it would be great if you use Inika weapons.
  • No altering images!!
  • You can upload the image in brickshelf too.
  • You must do a teamwork. Maximum 3 users!!
  • No 2009 sets allowed!!

Team will be disqualified if:

  1. They use 2009 sets for the second time
  2. They alter their images
  3. They broke the rule for the second time

If you broke the rule for the first time, you will be given second chance. So, lets build my friends.


Team OptimusPrima (OptimusPrima, Jacobus Bryan, and Juven Ardine)Edit

This is our Toa Zakaz. He have a ultra jetpack. We built him using Bionicle Stars set.


User:OptimusPrima's entry

Team 2 (User:Matoro1 and User:Jollun)Edit


M1 & Jollun's Entry

Toa Zakaz. I'm sorry that we used so many sets but Jollun wouldn't join unless we built him using more than just BIONICLE Stars pieces. I'll make a brickshelf gallery of better images tomorrow.

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