You may be looking for Tollubo's Deserts of Death Alternate Universe Counterpart.

"Tollubo is quite a famous name over here. There was a Tollubo who was charged with assassinating Turaga Jovan, a Tollubo who torched an entire Stelt Port, and a Tollubo who is suspected in the murder of Toa Tahu, Toa Varian, and the disappearance of Toa Watak"
Vhisola, Whispers in the Dark
Fractures Tollubo 2
Tollubo (Fractures Alternate Universe)
GroupShadow Matoran, Brotherhood of Makuta
ColorsBlack, silver
  • Servant of the Brotherhood of Makuta
  • Mount of Makuta Blazrox
  • Shadow Sword
  • Claw
  • Wings
LocationUnknown, on the run
StatusAlive, "mutated"

Tollubo was a former Av-Matoran who was transformed into a Shadow Matoran.


In the Fractures Alternate Universe, Makuta Teridax never existed but the rest of the Brotherhood did. This meant that Tollubo never discovered his Plan and was not banished from the Brotherhood.

Bara Magna InvasionEdit

As the Great Cataclysm never occured, Tollubo was with the Brotherhood when Mata Nui returned to Spherus Magna. However, the Brotherhood chose this moment to invade the new world and captured the inhabitants. The rest of the Matoran Universe believed that the Agori and Glatorian should be free and opposed the actions of the Brotherhood. This led to a number of conflicts, in one such battle, Tollubo, Makuta Blazrox and Eselox battled Brutaka. Blazrox managed to kill Brutaka swiftly but was unable to stop him from creating a Dimensional Gate that engulfed both Tollubo and Eselox.

Fractures Tollubo Titan res1

Tollubo's Shadow Titan form.

Deserts of Death UniverseEdit

In the Deserts of Death Universe, Tollubo found himself facing his alternate Universe counterpart. The two of them then began to battle as one was a Shadow Matoran while the other was an Av-Matoran.
However, after a brief battle, Tollubo was overwhelmed by his Alternate self and pinned to the ground by an angered Ce-Matoran named Lothorna. As an army of Rahkshi arrived in the area, Tollubo and Eselox were able to escape.
They both ended up in Tethys and Tollubo was brought to Karabak, where he witnessed the Makuta use his mind control abilities to influence the Deserts of Death Universe's Tollubo into banishing Jollun from their camp. They also discussed Jollun's fate, the Toa Stone that had been planeted on the Skrall, and the Golden Armor. Tollubo was then dismissed, confirming their alliance.

Battle of Bara MagnaEdit



  • The Fractures Tollubo claims to have had a relationship with Eselox.
  • Despite Mesa being alive in the Fractures Alternate Universe, Tollubo claims to have killed her by firing a Cordak Blaster at her head. This is likely a lie and highlights his insanity.

The Watchers (v|e)

Supervisors: Thoron (Deceased)  • Faine  • Micax  • Slorag

Allies: Tollubo  • Jollun  • Betak  • Eselox  • Saran  • Glonor  • Kran  • Shylock  • Natrix  • Atonsa (Deceased)  • Esora (Deceased)  • Lothorna  • Kazat


Rahkshi: Agitarahk  • A Rahkshi of Healing (Deceased)  • A Panrahk (Deceased)  • A Rahkshi of Illusion (Deceased)  • 32 Other Rahkshi (All Deceased)

Vorox: 36 Vorox (All Deceased)

Enemies: Karabak  • Tollubo (Fractures Alternate Universe Counterpart)  • Eselox (Fractures Alternate Universe Counterpart)  • Skrall

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