This is the first of a series about a Male Ce-Matoran named Cojok who has to save the Matoran Universe. The series are created by LewaMataToaOfMischief.

Chapter 1: The Death of a FriendEdit

In the Matoran Universe on Artidax, a Ce-Matoran named Cojok was exploring with his best friend, Hatra, a De-Matoran. They were looking for a Nui-Jaga to tame and send to Ce-Koro, the village Cojok came from. They heard rustling coming from a bush. Hatra jumped in and came out with a Nui-Jaga. "Turaga Tempus will be pleased that we got this." Hatra said. "He sure will be. Lets not let this fella out of our sight." Cojok replied. They travelled to the village. "Ah Cojok! I see you brought your little friend over to help you! Thank you for your generosity Hatra and Cojok. You may go now." Turaga Tempus said. The duo travelled to Odina. Along the way, they confronted a Cougrin (A.K.A. A Shadow Cougar). Hatra had Stauckaphobia, a fear of Shadow Cougars. Hatra ran away. The Cougrin jumped in the air and landed on Hatra. The Rahi ripped Hatra's torso opened and scratched his heart. Cojok rapidly jumped in and choked the Cougrin, making it fall to the ground. Hatra was dead. His best friend lost.

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