Uoano was a wise and just Leader Class Skrall. He was older and more expirienced than most other Leader Class Skrall, and was a more respected Leader.


Early YearsEdit

He ruled the Rock Tribe along with his fellow leaders on Spherus Magna. He also assisted in the Core War. During this time he learned much and became well respected by even his enemys for his fairness and high moral code.

Leader YearsEdit

After the Shattering, he ruled the Skrall from their northern fortress. He mainly stayed within the Skrall's main fortress and rarly left it. He trained many Skrall and over saw many events. During this time he clashed several times with Lontius. He was present in the arena when Skrallix rebeled, and surprisingly sided with Skrallix. He thought Tuma was unfair in his actions against Skrallix and thought Lontius wrong in trying to kill him.

Death of a LegendEdit

Sadly, Uoano died during a battle against the Baterra just before Tuma evacuated to the south. He attempted to hold off four while allowing his troop of Agori and Skrall to escape. Some ran but others stood by him in his final stand. He was struck multiple times, but stood until the final blow was struck. He was and always will, be remembered as a hero.


Uoano was strong but gentle. Experienced but learning. Just but fair. He was likely the most liked Leader Class Skrall, and the most well respected. His legion troops were mostly all very loyal to him and showed it by mainly staying at his side as he battled an impossible enemy. He saved many during his last stand.

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