Biographical Information
ColorsGreen,Light green
OccupationGlatorian of the Jungle Tribe
ToolsThornax Launcher Venom Spear
LocationOutside Tesara

Vastus is currently the Prime Glatorian for the Jungle Tribe.


Bara MagnaEdit

Vastus was once the winner of the Great Tournament or Atero. Vastus has recently had many fight with other Tribes so when the Skrall and the Jungle Tribe were having problems he could not help. Vastus traveled to Atero for the Tournament to participate. When Atero was invaded by the Skrall, Vastus was forced to flee with the other Glatorian.


While Vastus was in Tesara training he was approached by Gresh. Gresh asked for Vastus's help in defending Vulcanus from the Bone Hunters Vastus said he did not want to leave Tesara with no defense so he declined. Gresh then left Tesara. The defense team asked for his help once more. Vastus said he would help. He travelled with the defense team to Vulcanus. Once they arrived at Vulcanus they soon found out that it was being attacked by the Bone Hunters. The group managed to overwhelm the bone Hunters and saved Vulcanus. Vastus then travelled back to Tesara. Vatus and Tarduk went outside Tesara to construct a new wall to help defend it. While Tarduk was telling Vastus his recent tales Vastus spotted something strange. He fired a Thornax at a dark spot which hit a Bone Hunter in waiting. While they were searching what the Bone Hunter had. Vastus then spotted that there was a Glowing (Ignika) thing falling in the Sky.

Personality and AbilitiesEdit

Because of his actions on the Core Worlds he is Guilt Ridden.


Vastus carries a Venom Spear on which as a Thornax Launcher on the end of it.

Alternate UniverseEdit

Deserts of Death UniverseEdit

In the Deserts of Death Universe, Vastus was good friends with Gresh and joined the Order of Tollubo with him.
Vastus took part in an arena match and was defeated by Master Glatorian. After the match, Tesara lost and had to send Iconox a large amount of drinking water. Vastus was chosen to guard the caravan, with Esora and Master Glatorian. The wagon was then attacked by Bone Hunters. Vastus then attempted to kill himself in order to save Master Glatorian from falling to his death. The two then formed an alliance and started questioning Sahmad. They then jumped over the side of the wagon and landed on a Rock Steed, killing the rider and reuniting with Esora on the ground.
Having suvived the encouter, he was, again, captured by Bone Hunters On the way to a meeting, several years later. Vastus broke his leg while trying to save Gresh. He was later freed in Roxtus, where he helped to distract the Skrall. However, the Glatorian had to create a distraction so the Agori could sneak into Tuma's Tower. Vastus was decapitated in this universe during the battle outside Roxtus.


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Please note this applies for the Deserts of Death Alternate Universe and not the canon Bionicle story.

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