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Vela Point is a place at the bottom of Vela Nui. There thousands of Matoran would come and go to Metru Nui. You could even teleport to:

And probably more.

Toa Terihax and Toa Reniax went down to Vela point to aid the hundreds of Av-Matoran on the move into Vela Nui. The Toa Vela came to aid the Toa Tela. Toa Reniax told the Toa Vela that there were 3 Makuta flying their way, to destroy the Av-Matoran. When the Toa Vela were far away he unleashed 9 Blasts of light. It killed:

Only Toa Jovana and Toa Artis lived. Jovana dodged the blast and Artis stopped time and escaped. When Reniax unleashed a Nova Blast it got a little way before Toa Jovana shrunk and make the nova Blast Disappear, to save the Av-Matoran, he became a Turaga. Reniax ran away to the Makuta Lair.

Places in the Tela Nui Universe (v

Universe: Tela Nui

Islands: Vela Nui • Ella Nui • Nayo Nui

Places in Vela Nui: Vela Point  • Destrialia

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