Species Information
HomelandBara Magna
ToolsRoxtus stinger Poisonus fangs
Species StatusAlive

Vipers are special kind of Rahi on Bara Magna.


Vipers have very special kind of body. Their shell is almost indeststructble. Once a Glatorian used the power of Lightning to destroy this creature it had no effect. Gelu froze this creature but it didn't freeze for long it had frills that could melt the ice. So it was released from the Ice. These creatures were very very dangerous their fangs would paralyse you. So many of the Glatorian were careful not to attack these Vipers. Their tails were some kind of Roxtus blade the Skrall do not know how that blade got there but it sure wasn't them. The Vorox were one of the Vipers allies other allies were some agori. Berix was a Matoran that helped some of these creatures if they were in danger. He also has some Vipers who were his pets they protect him from bone hunters. These creatures could even knock a bone hunters steed down. Other Information is unknown but some mysteries are trying to solved by Master Toa & Master Glatorian.


  • Climbing
  • Super strengh
  • Paralysing fangs
  • Moving underground
  • Roxtus blade
  • Vulcanus frills.

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