The Vorox were once the Glatorian of the Sand Tribe until they were mysteriously degraded into beasts following the Shattering. They now roar the wastelands and attack in packs against anyone who threatens them.

Deserts of Death UniverseEdit

In the Deserts of Death Universe, Makuta Rotam had the Vorox captured and infected with Kraata so they became his servants, then told their leader he would give them the cure if they served Rotam.

Known VoroxEdit

  • Teridax - The leader of the Sand Tribe in the Deserts of Death universe and Rotam's henchman.
  • Venarax - The Vorox that attacked Mata Nui when he first arrived on Bara Magna. In the main universe, he has lost its stinger tail, but in the The Glatorian Chronicles Alternate Universe, his stinger tail has been relocated to his right hand, on the opposite side of his hand than his club is in. He was also re-evolved into what his form/appearance looked like before the Shattering. In the main universe, he fled and was not re-evolved into a normal Glatorian, so in the main universe, he only has a sword and Thornax Launcher now.
  • A specific unnamed Vorox - A specific Vorox, he travelled to Atero and fought in the yearly grand tournament there, and managed to get through all his fights in section of the Arena Magna, in another part of the arena sealed off from the area where Tarix and Strakk were fighting. He fled when the Skrall invaded Atero.
  • Skepion- Former leader of a pack of Vorox, now transformed.
Sand Tribe(v)

Glatorian/Vorox: The Vorox  • A specific Vorox  • Sanius  • Venarax  • Skepion  • "Teridax"

Agori/Zesk: The Zesk  • A specific Zesk  • Screbus  • Zeck

Former Members: Takboyr  • Pebilan  • Varax

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