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The Kanohi Wendel, glowing.

The Kanohi Wendel was the great mask of Warping. It granted the user a hidden energy, taken directly from The Core. This energy was a mixture of the elements of Time, Space, and Shadow. The user had only limited control over these. The closer to The Core they were, the stronger and more focused the energy would become. Much like Midak Skyblasters, it would also drain too much energy from The Core if used constantly. It could also teleport the user to anywhere in the Zone of Time-Space.

Set InformationEdit

  • The Kanohi Wendel had seven pieces to make up the whole mask.
  • It attached directly to the neck, rather than having a head to connect it to.
  • If the sun is angled right on top of the point on top of the mask, the mask would glow brightly.



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