The contest is simple. Design a Toa.


  • It must be at least the size of Telluris.
  • You must come up with a name for it.
  • It must wear a Kanohi. No Agori or Glatorian helmets!
  • You must choose the element.
  • It's weapons should include a sword/swords. Either one.

Voting time. No more entries.


  • Any REAL Bionicle lover would enjoy this kind of activity, not ask for prizes, right? Oh, well, I guess there can be some prizes...
  • 1st place winner: Will have their character featured in Spacetime Ripples, as one of the main Toa. You will also get to come up with what the character's backround is.
  • 2nd place runner-up: Will also have their character featured in the serial mentioned above. It may also be featured in the sequel to it, but only play a minor part.


User:Mazeka369 Edit


Lacare(Mazeka369's Entry)

His name is Lacare and hes a toa of light but his mask isn't an offical Avohkii (Mask of Light). He can fly, teleport, and fire light energies from his sword this also includes a light Nova Blast. -Mazeka369 Cool! 05:18, February 18, 2010 (UTC)


IMG 1001

IMG 1002

One of my MOC Toa Mangaia of Ice. I don't have a backstory for him and Its a pretty old image that I just had on me as I don't have many sets right now.
I hope the choise of weapons is OK (Technically they're not swords but I guess they can be)
I origionally named him Katon but then I revamped him and this is him before the revamp so... I guess I'll call him 'Farrez' (Redirected from 'freeze'. Pretty last minute but I'm in a rush to get to school.


User:Mata NuiEdit


Choose your favorite.

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