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Biographical Information
SpeciesBone Hunter
GroupBone Hunters
OccupationBone Hunter, thug


The Final StandEdit

Zant and his partner in crime, Aru were told to prepare the Convoy with Mata Nui in it.

Alternate UniversesEdit

Deserts of Death UniverseEdit

In the Deserts of Death Universe, Zant remained as a Bone Hunter. Following Kirbold's recruitment int the Order of Tollubo, he was assigned to track down Zant and turn him over to the Order. Zant was trapped in a cluster of trees in Tesara and Kirbold set them on fire. However, Atonsa appeared and thought he was just damaging her village. She attacked Kirbold and challenged him to a knife fight. Zant used this distraction to escape.

He later participated in a caravan rain. He was killed when Esora jumped onto his Rock Steed's neck. Zant, armed with an Exlosive Thornax Launcher, fired at her. Esora jumped and the Thornax blew the Rock Steed's head off. It tripped over and crushed Zant, killing him.

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