Zezalk is a Ta-Matoran


  • The Character must be a male Matoran. He must:
  • Have Red Armor
  • Only weapon is a Nynrah Ghostblaster
  • A kanohi Mask (no Glatorian or Agori Helmets)
  • Must not have an Atakus build with shoulders above his head
  • Must not have a Shadow Matoran look with four legs.


  • 1st: You can choose the name for the next Matoran to join Nynrah on his journeys (I will tell you what type)
  • 2nd: You can choose the name for the next village Nynrah goes to (I will tell you the element)
  • 3rd: This user will be able to have one of Kingdonfin's characters in their story.


User:Yoshisland Edit

I do not have a Ghostblaster, but I substituted it with a Skyblaster-shaped Ghostblaster. All right? Picture it like it was there, if you please. --Ysig1.JPGYsig2.JPGYsig3.JPGYsig4.JPGYsig5.JPG


He looks like he needs a Ghostblaster...


01 M1Zezalk


My entry (Considering I don't have a great number of pieces at the moment)

Here's a link to the brickshelf gallery. I gave him a blade on his back but that's from a 'Lego castle' set I got with a pack of skeletons at a toyshop once. You don't have to use it but I just thought it would be a cool touch.

Also, I forgot about the 'no weapon other than a Nynrah Ghostblaster' rule but I thought he looked a bit bare without anything in his other hand.

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